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So what is the story with Positive Impact Games?

Positive Impact Games is a brand new Hamburg indie studio founded by six games industry veterans. We specialise in developing wholesome and cozy games that are socially aware and address contemporary topics important to our community.


We believe any genre can be made wholesome and that a new player market looking for meaningful and laid back games has emerged. 

The Regreening concept art showing Viri on a partially restored map
The Regreening logo

- “First the plants dried up, then the soil disappeared, and finally the rain stopped falling. What can we do in the face of such disaster?”

- “We can try.”


The Regreening is a cozy nature restoration simulation game inspired by real world projects. As the last human on the planet, plant seeds to restore biomes, mend friendships with folklore animals, and bring back life to the Earth.

The game is a twist on the classic cozy farming simulation game that puts the player in a position of having a positive role in their environment, rather than exploitative. 


Instead of cutting trees down for resources, you plant them. Instead of selling crops for money, you collect seeds and grow more to improve the biodiversity and habitat so that animals can return.

The Regreening logo


We are proud to be a multicultural, woman-led startup; and our founding team, Manny, Jade-Kain, Merve, Volha, Max and Henrik, are thrilled to have the chance to try something new in the Hamburg game landscape.

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